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Celebrate love

Yoga & Qigong practice can be a great way to add spirit and gratitude to your wedding celebration.  I LOVE teaching for brides, grooms and the wedding circle of family and friends. 
Spend precious time with friends and family.  That’s what it’s all about! Take good care of yourself and loved ones while creating memories posing as a tree or a crane.
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joyous occasion

This practice gives the couple and guests  a ‘time out’  to relax and appreciate the beautiful moment at hand.  Heart-opening poses, gentle movements and reflective pauses create a space to connect with each other and the deeper meaning of the ceremony.  
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'i do' the details

Class is customized for the bachelorette party, wedding week sessions or private couples instruction.  I bring the mats.  Your class may include a special reading or poem, a favorite location for practice, or a sunrise or sunset gathering.  Reserve your date and I’ll do the rest.